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Be sure to Review New OMMA Regulation Changes in regards to Sample Field Logs, Infused Preroll testing, and More updates from Sept. 11 Regulation update. Call for further details.

Oklahoma Cannabis Compliance Tests


All under one roof

PureLabs is a leading provider of Oklahoma cannabis compliance testing technologies and methodologies. We perform product testing to help you stay compliant with all of the Oklahoma state regulations!

Our Oklahoma Cannabis Compliance Tests Include:

  • 1. Potency (THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA and other cannabinoids)
  • 2. Terpenes (Terpenoid profile)
  • 3. Pesticides
  • 4. Residual Solvents
  • 5. Mycotoxins
  • 6. Microbials
  • 7. Heavy Metals
  • 8. Contaminants and Filth

Oklahoma Cannabis Compliance Tests

Your cannabis business relies on mandated testing. PureLabs Oklahoma cannabis compliance testing provides a complete analysis of your cannabis and cannabis-based products. Depend on PureLabs OKC to help you determine if the products are within regulation and meet Oklahoma’s requirements for potency, microbials and heavy metals.

The PureLabs OKC testing reports include all information needed to provide to the state as well as consumers. It’s essential to run your business within the parameters of the law. Products submitted for required testing will ensure your business avoids unnecessary liability.

Oklahoma has complicated regulations and requirements for cannabis that can be difficult to understand. You need a laboratory that provides accurate results at a reasonable price. Get all the required tests done in one, and save your business time and money. We can help you maintain cannabis business compliance in Oklahoma.