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Microbial Testing for Cannabis in Oklahoma

Microbial Contaminant Testing in Oklahoma

We offer services beyond detecting microbial contaminants within your product. We believe in providing superior customer service and we will work with you toward identifying the source of contamination and to develop corrective action plans to clean and decontaminate any required area.

With environmental swabs, representative RLU (relative light units) can be quantified and point to possible sources of contamination. This helps you pinpoint the source of the contamination and take action before it affects any future product. We continuously work with master growers and chefs in order to better assist our clients with maintaining contaminant-free grows, kitchens, and any other vital spaces.

Microbial Contaminants We Test For:

Escherichia coli (STEC)


Total Yeasts & Molds

Cannabis Microbial Contaminant Testing in Oklahoma

Not only can microbials impact the quality of your products but they can be dangerous for people to consume. They are dangerous for people who are already sick and can cause adverse health problems in people who are healthy and consume them.

Microbial contamination is an issue in the industry, especially for people who are selling edibles or other products that require some work in a kitchen. These places are breeding grounds for things like E.Coli, salmonella, and yeast.

PureLabs OKC microbial testing is useful for both companies that have never had microbial issues as well as businesses that have struggled in the past. We can help you avoid and isolate contamination issues. Give customers assurance that your products are safe to consume and free from microbials.