Heavy Metals

ENSURE your Cannabis is free of Heavy Metals

Regardless of where cannabis comes from it can contain heavy metals.

Fertilizer and soils can contain metals. Some of these metals are toxic and known as heavy metals. If heavy metals exist in elevated levels in cannabis, they can trigger a number of health problems. This is why heavy metal screening is very important.

As mandated by the OMMA, the acceptable limits of heavy metals are measured in the range of parts per million (ppm) per gram.

PureLabs tests for the heavy metals of Cadmium (Cd), Arsenic (As), Lead (Pb) and Mercury (Hg).

PureLabs uses the Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Detector (ICP-MS) to do its heavy metals testing which offers the best sensitivity and most accurate results when doing heavy metal tests.

Our ICP-MS is capable of detecting metals at sub-ppb trace levels.

Combined with the instrument's specificity, this instrument and methodology yields accurate and reliable results.

Our Heavy Metals testing looks for:

  • Arsenic
  • Cadmium
  • Lead
  • Mercury