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Cannabis Mycotoxin Testing Services in Oklahoma

Cannabis Mycotoxin Testing in Oklahoma

PureLabs uses the state of the art chromatography method for cannabis mycotoxin testing, assuring the accurate detection of these compounds.

Plant matter, including cannabis, can be breeding grounds of many types microbials such as bacteria and molds. Patients that are experiencing immune system impairments are at risk from mycotoxin contaminated products.

PureLabs tests for the major groups of mycotoxins including:

  • Aflatoxins
  • Ochratoxin
  • Citrinin
  • Ergot
  • Patulin
  • Fusarim
  • Aflatoxin B1
  • Aflatoxin B2
  • Aflatoxin G1
  • Aflatoxin G2
  • Ochratoxin A

Cannabis Mycotoxin Testing in Oklahoma

People who are immunocompromised or have weakened immune systems can get very sick from mycotoxins and must avoid products that could introduce these into their system. This can make finding relief with cannabis hard for people who are undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from serious condition like HIV. Products that have high levels of mycotoxins could cause more damage instead of providing the patient with the relief they seek. 

Take a step to protect these potential customers. Our cannabis mycotoxin testing detects if mycotoxins are in cannabis products and at what levels. This is important for brands looking to provide customers the best experience possible. Clean cannabis isn’t just for medical marijuana patients. Health-conscious consumers are discerning and want healthy and reliable products.

The process for cannabis mycotoxin testing in Oklahoma is comprehensive. We ensure higher accuracy by using the chromatography testing method. This process is detailed and reliable. Trust PureLabs OKC to deliver accurate mycotoxin test results at a reasonable price.