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PureLabs OKC

About Us

Who We Are

PureLabs is a State-certified cannabis testing laboratory in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our mission is to provide the most accurate, transparent, and consistent laboratory services for all Oklahoma cultivators, extract producers and infused product manufacturers.

Our number one priority is our customers. We are a close-knit group and we understand the importance of customer service. When you call PureLabs Laboratories, you will not receive an automated response. Instead, we believe it’s important that you get to speak directly with one of our representatives.

Our customer service can be described in one word: Collaboration. Our customers are our partners and we take the time to personally consult with them concerning their results and collaborate with them on producing better product.

We pride ourselves on accurate and timely results. Our personal attention to customer service shines even after you’ve received your analysis report. We invite you to see what it’s like to be a part of the PureLabs family and get results from our cannabis testing laboratory.

Let’s GROW together!

Meet the team

Dan Newell

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    From early childhood in Conneaut Lake Pennsylvania, Dan has had a passion for science. From his time as an afterschool biology and chemistry tutor, to when he was at the University of Pittsburgh in pursuit of a biology degree, he has found himself surrounded by test tubes and beakers.

    Now, as Lead Lab Technician at PureLabs, he may be 1000 miles from where he had started, but his work in science is still a constant. His role here is centered primarily in data analysis and interpretation where he is focused on quantifying and reporting the presence of cannabinoids and terpenes. But you may recognize his smiling face at the front desk as he helps with intake and other customer-facing responsibilities.

    When not in the lab, he is an avid sports fan who supports the Arizona Cardinals on the gridiron and the Oklahoma City Thunder on the hardcourt. As well as sports, he is also passionate about literature and film. Spending a great deal of time either with a book in his hands or with popcorn in front of the big screen.

Danielle Di Pietra

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    I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. While at UCO, I worked part time as a lab assistant for introductory chemistry classes.

    As a lab technician at PureLabs OKC, my current focus is on heavy metals detection and analysis. This involves using an acid solution to digest samples to the point that we can use our IC-PMS instrument to detect and quantify the presence of heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium or lead present in the sample. Prior to that, my focus was on testing for the presence of microbials such as E. coli or Salmonella. My goal is to ensure that our clients receive accurate and timely results.

Eric Steffensmeier

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    Being the lead analyst in a cannabis lab certainly keeps Eric busy during the day. Instrument repair, instrument calibration, and developing and updating testing methods are all part of Eric’s daily workload.

    After growing up in the Kansas City area, he graduated from Truman State University in Missouri, after which Eric went to Texas A&M University for graduate school. Upon completion, he left Texas and settled in Oklahoma City. He specialized in the chemistry of metals, but has since moved more into the pharmaceutical field, especially with respect to product testing.

    When not working, Eric enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and his pets, as well as watching his favorite team, the Kansas City Royals.

Garrett Osborn

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    All my life I’ve found comfort in being a part of a team. There is a sense of accomplishment in the process of working within a group, striving for improvement, and getting better and more precise in how we reach of goals. It started with athletics, playing both football and baseball at Little Rock, but has since bled into my job and everything that I do.

    Prior to PureLabs, I worked as an aircraft mechanic at Tinker Air Force Base. And while I learned many valuable skills there, I found my real passion in cannabis testing. I’ve had the pleasure of working at two labs now, initially specializing in testing for heavy metals but have since switched my focus to Microbials. I have spent the last year learning about microbiology and the different detection methods involved. There is little room for error in this job, but I enjoy knowing that what I’m doing makes an impact and is helping to keep people healthy and happy.

    My hobbies include spending time with family and friends, going hiking with my dogs and watching my nephews ride motocross.

Jason Stoliby

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    Born and raised right here in Oklahoma City, Jason Stoliby is a veteran in the cannabis industry. With over three years of experience in cannabis testing laboratories, Jason has accrued the skills and expertise necessary as a Lab Technician, to proficiently use and operate HPLC, GC-FID and ICP-MS instruments. Although he has experience in other areas, his primary role at PureLabs is attending to data analysis and input for potency and terpene testing.

    He is a staunch believer in the medicinal benefits and legalization of cannabis at the federal level. And his favorite part of the job is seeing the new products and the cutting-edge ways that our clients create and medicate their products.

    When he is off the clock, he likes to spend his time with his beautiful wife and loving sons.

Jeremiah Edwards

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    My name is Jeremiah, I’m the Lab Manager here at PureLabs. I have a background in business and economics from Oklahoma State University, and I am a former small business owner myself. I have nineteen years of experience in sales and customer service operations in and around the Oklahoma City metro area. I pride myself in being a leader, innovator, problem solver and someone who will continually go the extra mile for my employees or my clients.

    One of my favorite things about being a Lab manager at PureLabs is that not only am I able to participate in the technical aspects of cannabis extraction, but I’m able to speak with the people involved in the Oklahoma cannabis industry everyday such as the growers, processors, and vendors. With these connections I really try to capitalize on their vast wealth of knowledge. You meet so many great people in this industry and there is something new to learn daily.

    The most important thing to me personally outside of my career is being a father. There’s nothing I love more than spending time with my family. If there’s any time left outside of that you can bet I spend it watching football or playing golf!

Landon Andrews

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    Landon Andrews: Vice President/Lab Director, B.S. in Chemistry

    As a Lab Director with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, I bring a wealth of expertise and experience in the fascinating world of chemistry, particularly in the fields of co-block polymers, boron-mediated transfers to form carbon-carbon bonds, and asphalt chemistry.

    My journey began with a strong foundation in chemistry. Eager to explore the frontiers of science, I quickly delved into research environments where I could apply my knowledge to practical and impactful projects, such as research on PEO-b-PCL co-block polymers and their crystallization and culminating in my senior research “Carbon-Carbon bond formation via Boron Mediated Transfer en route to Chiral Amino Alcohols” to complete my Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Allegheny College.

    After completing my degree, I accepted a chemist position at PureLabs OKC. Working at PureLabs and getting hands on experience on a laboratory operation changed how I viewed what I wanted to do in my career, and I knew in my first week I wanted to climb the ranks and run the facility.

    The first year of my employment I seized every opportunity to learn and build my skill set in the laboratory and was promoted to Lead Chemist and ultimately got the opportunity to serve as the Interim Lab Director. This position and my performance in it led to my promotion to the Lab Director position.

    As Lab Director, I focus on optimizing methods for accurate results, training employees to a high standard of excellence, and forging partnerships with industry leaders in the cannabis industry as part of an ASTM committee and an AOAC member. My vision is to propel research towards real-world applications that positively impact society.

    Throughout my professional journey, I have remained devoted to advancing the frontiers of chemistry and inspiring the next generation of researchers. As you navigate this website, I hope to share my passion for scientific discovery and the transformative potential of chemistry in addressing global challenges. Together, let’s explore the wonders of chemistry and its vast possibilities.

Roger Cooper

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    As the lead member of the transportation and delivery service that we provide here at PureLabs, I love interacting and forming relationships with our customers. I know that the coordination and logistics of transporting cannabis can be daunting or inconvenient for some of our clients, so taking that out of their hands and being able to literally go the extra mile for them fills me with joy and pride.

    Inside the Lab I work with our director as well a group of diligent lab techs, chemists, and receptionists that are committed to providing an unmatched level of service to our ever-growing client base.

    Outside of PureLabs I am a full-time parent. I am a DIY enthusiast and have a passion for the buying and reselling of oddities and collectibles. Whenever possible, my son and I enjoy camping and exploring new places. I hope to one day camp and see the majesty of Yellowstone National Park in person.

Sierra Whitlock

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    Sierra Whitlock, a graduate from Harrah, with over three years of experience in the cannabis industry, takes pride in being the first face you see here at PureLabs. Growing up helping at her family-run construction business, she learned at a young age that keys to a successful business stem not only from having a great product or service but from also providing the customer timely and professional communication and customer service. And while she has previously spent time getting her hands dirty on the lab side of things, she trusts her fellow lab techs and chemists to make sure that every patient is getting safe products with accurate and consistent testing, while she instead focuses on treating every client with patience, respect, and love.

    When not here at PureLabs or at Whitlock Construction, she likes to spend every second she can spending time and laughing with her parents, siblings and dogs Sativa and Charlie.

Tyler Ritz

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    I graduated from Edmond Santa Fe High school and am currently pursuing a degree in computer science at the university of central Oklahoma. I have been working in the cannabis industry for the last two years and have enjoyed learning about new practices and industry standards.

    I was born in Enid and moved to Edmond in 2005. When I’m not working or studying, I’m either riding my bike around lake Hefner, or spending my time with my friends and family.

    My role here at PureLabs as a laboratory technician can vary from day to day. During busier days you can find me preparing samples for extraction. On other days I might be needed to assist in some research and development. I look forward eagerly to building upon my knowledge of cannabis and lab practices to better aid in the accuracy and precision of our testing results.

Oklahoma Cannabis Compliance Testing

By offering you all the necessary product tests in one place, we reduce the chance for inaccuracies and issues with your product testing. When you get all of your product testing done in one place not only reduces inaccuracies but also streamlines the process and makes it more affordable.

Since we understand the importance of these tests for Oklahoma cannabis businesses, we make sure that your tests are meticulously done and the results are all accurate. We guarantee our test results which makes it easier for you to pass along the information to your consumers and stay in compliance with Oklahoma cannabis laws.