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About Us

Who We Are

PureLabs is a State-certified cannabis testing laboratory in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our mission is to provide the most accurate, transparent, and consistent laboratory services for all Oklahoma cultivators, extract producers and infused product manufacturers.

Our number one priority is our customers. We are a close-knit group and we understand the importance of customer service. When you call PureLabs Laboratories, you will not receive an automated response. Instead, we believe it’s important that you get to speak directly with one of our representatives.

Our customer service can be described in one word: Collaboration. Our customers are our partners and we take the time to personally consult with them concerning their results and collaborate with them on producing better product.

We pride ourselves on accurate and timely results. Our personal attention to customer service shines even after you’ve received your analysis report. We invite you to see what it’s like to be a part of the PureLabs family and get results from our cannabis testing laboratory.

Let’s GROW together!

Oklahoma Cannabis Compliance Testing

By offering you all the necessary product tests in one place, we reduce the chance for inaccuracies and issues with your product testing. When you get all of your product testing done in one place not only reduces inaccuracies but also streamlines the process and makes it more affordable.

Since we understand the importance of these tests for Oklahoma cannabis businesses, we make sure that your tests are meticulously done and the results are all accurate. We guarantee our test results which makes it easier for you to pass along the information to your consumers and stay in compliance with Oklahoma cannabis laws.